Karamanti releases 2nd single from her “Spiritual Warfare” album

Jamaican dancehall artist Karamanti has just shared the second single from her new album, Spiritual Warfare. The song is a bouncy hip-hop fused track titled Spiritual Realms and as the name implies this track maintains the unworldly theme of the entire project. 

The beat for Spiritual Realms was created by Czech producer Major P, someone with whom Karamanti has collaborated with in the past. The two met years ago while she was on tour in Europe and was given the opportunity to
work on another one of his rhythms.

Aside from the actual making of the beat, everything else was done in Jamaica. Spiritual Realms was recorded at Anchor Studios in Kingston; mixed by Lampshade in Portmore and mastered by AudioTraxx Productions in Old Harbour. 

The visuals were shot a few days ago and is now being edited.


New Dancehall Riddim from NGV Production

Jamaican dancehall artists Ras Bentley and Amnon (formerly known as Rajah Dallah), along with Amnon‘s long time friend Jamar McLeod, have all join forces on a new imprint called N.G.V Production. The acronym NGV is an abbreviation for New Garden Vibes, a name chosen because all the key partners are either from the small St. Andrew community with the same name, or currently reside there.

The men are introducing their new label by releasing the TekSet Riddim; a five-track dancehall compilation that features music from Ras Bentley, Amnon, Blacc Lite, Hotta Breads and Karamanti. They shared the project a few days ago and have been enjoying favorable feedback from both dancehall lovers and general music critics ever since.


“Life 101 Riddim” is back on all streaming platforms

A few years ago we pulled down several of our songs and albums from all streaming platforms because we were working on setting up our own distribution. Now that we’ve been able to do that, we are slowly re-releasing the records.

To that end, we have just re-added the “Life 101 Riddim” to all DSPs. This dancehall compilation, which was originally released in 2016, features: Lt. Stitchie, Karamanti, Alozade, Andi-ites and Hiawondah.

Click here to listen and download the “Life 101 Riddim” from your preferred music platform.