Just Released: New Reggae Single from Karamanti #Genesis19

New Reggae Single from Karamanti

Blakkwuman22 Music is pleased to present Genesis19, the new reggae single written and performed by Karamanti. Similar to her previous songs, this one is also heavy on message, lyrics and depth.

Genesis19 can be downloaded absolutely free from both Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Anyone not familiar with either of those platforms can simply message us via our contact page and we will reply with the song.

Download & Use “Don’t Give Up” To Get You Through This Global Pandemic

“Don’t Give Up,” a Caribbean pop song with a strong dancehall undertone, is available for free download and use by anyone. The track has a CC BY ND license, which means that no permission is needed in order to utilize it in projects, campaigns etc.

Though it’s been out for a while now, The songwriter and performing artist, Karamanti, wanted to share it again, especially for those who have lost alot during this global pandemic.

Click here to listen and download “Don’t Give Up.”

“It’s Up To You” featured on Ras Fire Bones’ new reggae/dancehall mix

DanceHall RocK Mix 2020

Hosted  By – Fire Bones
Intro – Tydal Kamau
1, Up High – Bryan Art
2, Lightning & Thunder –
Johnny Smooth
3, Jayz You Mouth – Fitta Warri
4, Crime Free Country – Fitta Warri & Culcha Heights
5, Rehabilitation – I Wayne & Bugle
6, Too Much Badness – I Wayne
7, Crime Agent – Ras I-Maric
8, Tired & Fed Up Of It – Ras I-Maric
9, No Woman No Cry – Beenie Man, Blakkman, Nkosi, Abby Dallas & Likkle Wicked
10, Its Up To You – Karamanti 
11, See Me An Low Me – Denyque
12, Determine – Kim Phyenix
13, Kissy Kissy – Determine
14, Climbing – Naomi Cowan
15, Yow – Busy Signal
16, Riches Man A Pree – Noah Powa
17, Life Savior – Noah Powa,
Norman Alexander  & Bugle
18, Greatful Fi Everything -Bugle
19, Ungrateful – Mikeylous
20, Mighty – Prohgres
21, Dominating – Blac Habit
22, 2020 Banger – Ras Slick
23, Spain Town – Qbe
24, Choppa Lifestyle – Tru Star
25, T.E.A.M – Ruffi, Datbiosanixx and Richie Loops
26, Chedda – Chop 6xx
27, My Money – Beenie Man
28, Eagles Flight – JAHfrican &
Mr Peppa
29, Militant – G Whizz & Shine I
30, Spiritual War – Mawga Don
31, Voiceless – New Kidz
32, City Lock – Keznamdi &
Tony Lanez
33, Lion – Fantan Mojah
34, Nothing Funny – Bugle
35, Dem A Nobody – Lutan Fyah
36, Smoking Lala Everyday – Indecka
37, Lighter – Exco Levi
38, Throw Minds – Notch
39, Sure – IRanimo
40, I Am Blessed – Rashy K
41, Truest Thoughts  – Mavado
42, Human Being – Hydal
43, 9 to 5 – Napalm
44, It Gets Lonely – Jahmiel
45, Different Sight  – Jahmiel
46, Live Mi Life – Vershon
47, Elevation – Bugle
48, Outro ….

Message from Karamanti regarding the new album #HurtPeople


So at some point last year I decided that I wanted to do an album for people that have been hurt, emotionally. The idea came to me because of something I was personally going through at the time. However, once I started sharing my idea with others they began telling me their own painful stories, which were way more devastating than what I was dealing with. After hearing some of their heart drenching tales I decided to go a lot deeper with the album. Hence, the new record, Hurt People, which is available today, is all about dealing with, and overcoming depression and all types of abuse.

As a songwriter, I usually allow the riddim to dictate the melody and flow of the song, but in this case it was the message that was most important to me. On the record I talk about domestic abuse, child abuse and molestation, coping with loneliness, lack of love, rejection etc. Above all else, I try to encourage and inspire broken people to heal and continue on their life’s journey.

I sincerely hope that this project is helpful to anyone seeking this kind of help. Click on the image above to listen and download the full album.

Blessings to you and yours.