#Mixtape DJ Montez Mashup Mix Ep.1 (AfoBeat, Dancehall, Reggae & Hip-hop)

DJ Montez Mashup Mix For Kara Radio - Episode 1

Click on the image above to listen and download the brand new Mashup Mix from Kenya’s DJ Montez. It features a mixture of old and new music from various artists covering four different genres: Afrobeat, Dancehall, Reggae and Hip-hop.



#Mixtape Massive G – RockTheNation Vol.02 (Reggae Culture Mix) Featuring New Music From Karamanti

rtnCheck out the brand new mixtape from Rock The Nation Sound (based in France). It features a new song from Karamanti on the April Riddim, the Bost & Bim Version called Hello. Click here to listen via Soundcloud and see below the track listing for the entire mix.

01. Steven Stylez & Karamanti – Intro
02. Samory I – For He Reigns
03. Odelyah – War Inna Africa
04. Marcus Gad – Ova The Mountain
05. Fyah P – Rasta Nuh Gangsta (cover)
06. Queen Ifrica & Dutty Berry – interlude
07. Fyah P – How Could I
08. Bobby Hustle – Run Road
09. Luckie D – Music For Your Soul
10. Oriel – Count Me In
11. Guive – Nos Coeurs Sont Liés
12. Lila Iké – Second Chance
13. Nico D – Money Come My Way
14. SD Hollis – True To Myself
15. Karamanti – Hello (exclusive)
16. Pierpoljak – Veteran
17. LMK – Mon Tour
18. Steven Stylez – Cool It Down (exclusive)
19. Volodia – Raconte Moi
20.Tiwony – Deux Poids Deux Mesures
21. Daddy Mory – Oh Mama
22. Denham Smith – Thank You Mama
23. Dasia – Give Thanks For Life
24. I Razor – Cyaan Get Me Down
25. Jah Sun – Never Give Up
26. Teacha Dee – Mental Problem
27. Perfect Giddimani, Phill Watkis & Young Shanti – Congo Dreads
28. Perfect Giddimani – Make The Hits
29. King Mas – Westbound Train
30. King Mas – Chase Vampire
31. Mykal Rose & Papa Biggy – Officer
32. Lutan Fyah – Dem A Come
33. Luciano – Too Late
34. King I – Jah Take Me
35. Qraig – Sound Bwoy Burry
36. Koffee – interlude
37. Koffee – Raggamuffin
38. Makeehan – The Herbs
39. Steven Stylez – Grades Fi Di Brain (exclusive)
40. Karamanti – Imagine That (dubplate)
41. Dutty Berry & Queen Ifrica – Interlude
42. I Octane – Weh Di Fire Gone
43. 5 Star – Lightning Storm
44. Scarra Mucci – They Don’t Know
45. Ras Penco & Manu – This Time Around
46. Youtah Dread – Do Your Best
47. Teacha Dee – What A Feeling
48. Asante Amen – Flowing
49. Greg Roy – Mother Nature
50. Ras I – Dread Inna Babylon
51. Pluto Shervington – Teach Dem
52. Kristine Alicia – Rise Up
53. Kehv – Better Days
54. Johnny Dolla – Keep On Pushing
55. Perfect Giddimani – Trenchtown
56. King Mas – Hero
57. Antoneosoul – Lion Of Judah
58. Bire The Vocalist – Nuh Worry
59. King Mas – Happy Now
60. Nyawira Alison – No One But You
61. Zosia McGregor – Ecstacy
62. Wayne J & Raggattack – Better Days
63. Big Youth & Tandaro – Peace & Love
64. Badda General & Wayne Wonder – Over All

#Video Karamanti – Walkout

The visuals for Walkout, which is now available on Karamanti’s YouTube channel, was directed by Karamanti, shot by Mackamilli and edited by MJE. The video is a deep look at the negative side of the world’s major religions.

Click on the image above to watch and remember to like, comment and share.


LONG ROAD ARTWORKBlakkwuman22 Music is pleased to present the brand new LONG ROAD RIDDIM, which features new music from Jemynie, Ceekaih, Mackamilli and label owner Karamanti. LONG ROAD RIDDIM is hardcord dancehall juggling loaded with lyrics and style from four of the industry’s most forward thinking artists. All songs were mixed and mastered by Prosonic Production (based in Portmore, Jamaica).

The LONG ROAD RIDDIM was officially released on Monday, September 3rd. All songs can be downloaded directly from the label’s digital store: https://karamanti.bandcamp.com/album/long-road-riddim.

That being said, DJs and industry insiders should send an email to Blakkwuman22@gmail.com for a link to download the entire project free of charge.

#News Karamanti’s Single “Be Yourself” Awarded Best World Beat Song By The Akademia

akademia karaKaramanti has won the August 2018 Akademia Music Award for Best World Beat Song for ‘Be Yourself’! To be distinguished for creative excellence among a crowded playing field is an important achievement. Yet, equally important is the process of sharing this achievement with a broader base of music industry professionals. That is something that Akademia is committed to doing for Karamanti in order to increase her recognition and exposure.

For this purpose, they have prepared a custom press release – an Artist Spotlight – that they will be sharing in the coming weeks with industry contacts outside of the Akademia, including record executives, A&R staff, producers, publishers and many more, all focused on urban genres. Please click link below to view Karamanti’s Artist Spotlight: https://www.theakademia.com/music/rpTBPjH7PSkpB3ZgnGvD.html

Check out ‘Be Yourself’ on YouTube
Download ‘Be Yourself’ here

#News Blakkwuman22 Music collaborates with Rebel Sound Records on new Karamanti single

rebel sound n blakkwuman22On July 20th, Blakkwuman22 Music in collaboration with Rebel Sound Records will release a brand new single by Karamanti titled “Walkout.” The connection between Rebel Sound Records and the BW22’s CEO was made through Karamanti’s publicist, MJE.

“Walkout” is a hardcore dancehall track in which Karamanti makes it clear that she will not conform, and/or go along to get along. DJs and industry insiders can email us at Blakkwuman22@gmail.com for a promo mp3, while everyone else will have to wait until July 20th when it will be available via music stores.