New video coming soon from Mikey General

Two weeks ago, legendary reggae artist Mikey General – in collaboration with Blakkwuman22 Music – got together to shoot the official video for his single, Up & At Them. The song is featured on the Survive Riddim, released on March 21st via the aforementioned imprint.

Clips for the video were captured at Exodus Recording Studio (off Red Hills Road), as well as in the Ackee Walk district, an area that was instrumental to Mikey General‘s career, in the early years. The music video, which was shot by Maria Jackson 27, is currently being edited, and will be officially published in a few days.

In addition to Mikey General, the Survive Riddim also features songs by veteran bass player and singer Wormbass, vocalist Earl Smith Jr. – who is the son of famed guitarist Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith – and lyricist, songwriter and producer Karamanti (the CEO and owner of Blakkwuman22 Music).



Blakkwuman22 Muisc presents ‘Survive Riddim’

Survive Riddim is the latest compilation from Blakkwuman22 Music. It’s a six-track project that features new songs performed by reggae legend Mikey General, veteran bass player and recording artist Wormbass, vocalist Earl Smith Jr. – who is the son of famed guitarist Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith – and lyricist, songwriter and producer Karamanti.

The beat for Survive Riddim was built by Lamar Thompson exclusively for Blakkwuman22 Music, with a live bassline played by the aforementioned Wormbass. All songs were mixed and mastered by Old Harbor based AudioTraxx Production and distributed independently by Blakkwuman22 Music.

The Survive Riddim can aptly be described as mellow, relaxing and enjoyable; with songs centered around freedom, love, motivation, spirituality and the 70s. It is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms.

Karamanti Collaborates With Malawian Artist On New Track “Wa Gwan”

Jamaican dancehall artist Karamanti, who has collaborated with some of the biggest African reggae acts in the past (Stonebwoy, Sonniballi, Iwan etc.), has just shared a brand-new song and video, done with emerging Malawian artist Godson.

The afro-dancehall track is titled Wa Gwan, and on it Karamanti displays her lyrical prowess, and shows why she is constantly sought after for musical synergies. As this is her third collaboration with an artist from Malawi – the second this year – Karamanti sings:

“mi no know weh a gwan dung a malawi
but everyday a new artist a badda me
dem waa fi link up wid di Karamanti
mi no care ya man caa mi hungry

so from di message upful and it highly
and i naa violate di almighty
yu can send on di beat mek mi vibes it
and mek we wake up di youth dem weh numbly.”

The official video for Wa Gwan, which was shot in both Jamaica and Malawi, was also released and shared on Karamanti‘s YouTube channel. And the song can be streamed and downloaded from all major music platforms.


Blakkwuman22 Music presents NuLinkz Riddim

NuLinkz Riddim is the latest dancehall compilation from Blakkwuman22 Music. The project, which is being tagged as trap-dancehall, has a total of five tracks, and features new music from Mikey Dangerous – the #1 dancehall artist in Quebec – Double Braine (more popularly known as Keron Williams), emerging Jamaican lyricist M.A.P, and label owner and producer Karamanti. Each artist met the moment as they delivered relatable lyrical content in their respective songs.

Mikey Dangerous – a committed Rastafarian – used the opportunity to salute all black “Freedom Fighters” dating back to the 50s and 60s; a time when Nelson Mandela was actively working to end apartheid in South Africa. As for M.A.P, he aggressively admonishes child molesters and pedophiles on his track “Beast Mode”; while Double Braine, who resides in Toronto, Canada, sang about the ever sliding “Currency.”

Karamanti has two songs on the NuLinkz Riddim. The first – “Kut Di Linkz” – was the inspiration for the entire EP. It was penned and voiced for another producer, but when that project fell through, she contracted beat-maker Miguel Martin to compose something that would fit the already recorded tune. Her second song is “Dawg Collah,” an unworldly track that highlights the fact that global societies have become blasphemous and unapologetically profane.

All songs on the NuLinkz Riddim were mixed and mastered by AudioTraxx Production (Old Harbor, Jamaica) with the exception of “Dawg Collah,” which was mixed by Tandra Jhagroo in Kingston. The NuLinkz Riddim is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and all other streaming platforms.

Download NuLinkz Riddim here

Karamanti’s single “Mi No Nyam Pork” will be featured on Roots FM’s What’s The Verdict tonight

Last evening Karamanti and her team were notified that her song “Mi No Nyam Pork,” which is on the “Natty Dreadlocks Survival Riddim” by Jungle Lava Production, will be featured on Roots FM’s What’s The Verdict, tonight (Sat. August 27th).

Each week the show presents new music from various artists and ask the listening public to weigh in on which they think is the best. Roots FM can be heard online from anywhere in the world, or on the 96.1 FM dial in Kingston, Jamaica. It starts at 6pm.