“All Nation” by Karamanti Is Currently #1 On DJ Kat’s Top 5

Karamanti’s new dancehall single “All Nation,” which was released only a few days ago is now #1 on DJ Kat’s popular feature of the week’s top five rated reggae and dancehall songs. The show airs on Arawak Radio (UK) every Wednesday.

All Nation” is an aggressive dancehall record about the importance of holding on to high moral values, especially in these times.

Click here to download the song absolutely free.


Indian Band, Sirens of Shanti, features Karamanti on their Bhangra Mix of “One Draw”

Tony Singh, the leader of the Indian music group Sirens of Shanti, reached out to Karamanti sometime ago and invited her to lay some vocals on the bhangra mix of the popular reggae song “One Draw.”

The record was just released a couple days ago and can now be streamed via YouTube and downloaded from Spotify.

Karamanti will be a guest on Roots FM’s “Up & Active” this Friday, July 26th

Disc Jock Redeem will host positive female ragga dancehall artist Karamanti this Friday, July 26th, on Activation Mode during the program Up & Active on Roots 96.1 FM.

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Or Listen live on frequency 96.1 FM (if in Kingston, St Andrew & St Catherine, Jamaica)

The show will also be streamed in the following countries:
– 5:30 am in Jamaica
– 10:30 am in Gambia
– 10:30 am in Ghana
– 11:30 am in Nigeria
– 11:30 am in United Kingdom (UK)
– 12:30 am in South Africa
– 12:30 am in Egypt
– 12:30 am in Zimbabwe
– 1:30 pm in Israel
– 1:30 pm in Ehthiopia
– 6:30 pm in China
– 7:30 pm in Japan
– 8:30 pm in Australia

Popular local comedian, Carl Parker, will star in Karamanti’s upcoming video for “It’s up to you”

Earlier this week we were successful in securing popular comedian Carl Parker for the “it’s up to you” video shoot. Carl, who is known for his hilarious comedy skits on YouTube, will be playing the role of an abusive husband / boyfriend to actress Shernette Williams.

Production on the video is expected to begin shortly. It will be shot in Kingston and directed by Karamanti.

Message from Karamanti regarding the new album #HurtPeople


So at some point last year I decided that I wanted to do an album for people that have been hurt, emotionally. The idea came to me because of something I was personally going through at the time. However, once I started sharing my idea with others they began telling me their own painful stories, which were way more devastating than what I was dealing with. After hearing some of their heart drenching tales I decided to go a lot deeper with the album. Hence, the new record, Hurt People, which is available today, is all about dealing with, and overcoming depression and all types of abuse.

As a songwriter, I usually allow the riddim to dictate the melody and flow of the song, but in this case it was the message that was most important to me. On the record I talk about domestic abuse, child abuse and molestation, coping with loneliness, lack of love, rejection etc. Above all else, I try to encourage and inspire broken people to heal and continue on their life’s journey.

I sincerely hope that this project is helpful to anyone seeking this kind of help. Click on the image above to listen and download the full album.

Blessings to you and yours.