Highlighting Jamaica’s underground Dancehall and Reggae scene

ONE POSTER - BLAKKOUT TOURBLAKKOUT TOUR is a series of dance and live stage shows planned for April 2015 in different locations across the island of Jamaica.

The tour was created to highlight Jamaica’s underground music scene which is unfortunately over shadowed by a lot of commercial sounds and hype. The BLAKKOUT TOUR will feature several artists and DJs, some of which are Reggae and Dancehall veterans Mikey General and Peter Metro, Dancehall’s emerging faces, Karamanti, CeeKaiH and Jayharno, Reggae’s emerging faces, Asante Amen, Tasha-T and Likkle Lightning and so many more. DJs that are already confirmed includes; Tonny P, Digital T (of Stylz FM) and DJ Neico.

The tour will be stopping in three Parishes; St. Thomas, Portland and Manchester. The first show will be held on April 4th at Occasion Night Club in St. Thomas (9 Mirrimar Drive, Morant Bay). One week later on Saturday April 11th it will be at Echo Night Club in Portland (1 Baker Street, Buff Bay). And the final show will be held in Manchester on April 25th at Qwest Night Club (24c Caledonia Road, Mandeville). The promoter, Blakkwumann22 Music, promises to keep entrance fee for all shows at a minimal but insist that everyone wears something Black. Attendance cost and other information about the tour are available on the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1382937172001371/

The BLAKKOUT TOUR was conceptualized by Karamanti, the CEO and owner of Blakkwuman22 Music. It is being executed by members of the Blakkwuman22 Music team with assistance from Disc-Jock Redeem (of Roots FM) who will be the official MC for all the shows. The tag line for the tour is “Substance Ova Hype & Di Music Still Nice”; emphasizing the fact that music does not have to be hyped up or lyrically deplorable to be enjoyable. For more about Blakkwuman22 Music visit www.blakkwuman22music.com and Karamanti’s official website is www.karamantimusic.com


Blakkwuman22 Music’s BLAKKOUT TOUR will take place in Buff Bay, Portland on Saturday, April 11th at Echo Night Club located on 1 Baker Street. So far we have confirmed appearances by two of Reggae and Dancehall biggest veterans by way of Mikey General and Peter Metro. Additionally, the show will feature Press Fyah, Asante Amen and Blakkwuman22 Music’s artist Karamanti. A lot more artists will be added to the lineup as the date draws near and for all shows on the tour, the official MC will be Disc-Jock Redeem (formerly of Roots FM).

There is a small entrance fee of $300 and we are asking everyone to wear something Black!



Though the Reggae/Dancehall industry is dominated by men, Karamanti stands as a strong black woman, (in her home town of Kingston, Jamaica) raining showers of conscious lyrics to a generation far from reality.

Karamanti has been creating music since she was eight years old. Falling in love first with rap (or hip-hop), then embracing Dancehall and now passionate about Reggae. In spite of the fact that she has been making music for most of her life, she only began to pursue it as a career in 2011. Currently regarded by many as one of Jamaica’s best female lyricist, Karamanti writes her own songs and operates her own record company; Blakkwuman22 Music.

Industry insiders began paying attention to her when she released the single “don’t it,” produced by Red Boom in 2012. The track exposed her to a hardcore Dancehall audience that was eager to hear more from the self acclaimed Pan-Africanist. Karamanti spent the summer of 2012 engaged in a nationwide media tour which had her performing, and/or being interviewed on most of the major entertainment radio and TV programs in Jamaica. That was followed by a Canadian tour which featured performances on big events such as the Montreal Reggae Festival and the Toronto Rasta Festival.

Since she officially stepped out on the scene in 2012, Karamanti has been consistent in releasing songs which focuses primarily on social and political issues. She has done several music videos and live performances both in Jamaica and overseas.

Karamanti‘s voice can be heard on some of the biggest Reggae and Dancehall rhythms coming out of Jamaica: Heights Riddim (“Gye Nyame”), Rock Island Riddim (“Fake Rasta”), Life Triangle Riddim (“Hold On”), Reggae Land Riddim (“Domestic Abuse”), Love Bounce Riddim (“Da One Ya Fi”) and that is just to name a few. She has also enjoyed success with singles like “Read,” which was produced by Denmark’s #1 Dancehall artist/producer, Pharfar. The song got heavy radio rotation and climbed to the #1 spot on the Top Ten Conscious Chart which airs on Jamaica’s Roots FM. It sat there for weeks beating out songs from now popular artist, Chronixx.

Karamanti has collaborated with major Jamaican artists: 3 Starr (from Mavado’s Gully Squad), veteran Mikey General, Asante Amen and many others. She has also done recordings with international acts: Iwan, Sonniballi, Blasto, Lise Ranks, Stonebwoy and several others. In her role as executive producer, Karamanti, via her record company, Blakkwuman22 Music has released projects which feature long time dancehall artist Alozade, iconic star, Lt. Stitchie and a lot more respected Jamaican artists.

In April 2013, Karamanti released her first and only studio album entitled Dancehall Retaliates. It was released on her Blakkwuman22 Music label with production credits going to both Ricardo ‘Red Boom’ Reid and Shamarie ‘Digital Sham’ Bogle. Karamanti was nominated as best the female solo artist for 2013 by the Dancehall Industry Awards (held in the UK). Additionally, one of her videos for the song “Rise” (which is on the album Dancehall Retaliates) was nominated as best Dancehall video for 2013. To top it off, Reggae France included Dancehall Retaliates in the WINS REGGAE AWARDS in the category for Dancehall Album of the year for 2013. Here she went up against two Jamaican heavy weights: Vybz Kartel and Mr. Vegas.

Karamanti has performed all over the world. She has graced stages in cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm, Hamburg, Prague, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Aarhus and more in Europe; and Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, Bellingham and more in North America; and Dominica Republic and of course, Jamaica in the Caribbean.

Karamanti begins 2016 with a new approach to music. She now creates songs to comfort and enlighten lost souls, particularly those feeling misplaced and/or affected by racial discrimination. She arrived at the decision to take this new approach after meeting and counseling several persons, while on tour, who felt marginalized because of their race. In addition to making music to address this issue, Karamanti has also decided to take it a step further by writing a book on the matter. She began working on the book at the beginning of February with hopes to have it completed by the end of the year.


Persons wanting to work with Karamanti may do so by sending an email to bookings@karamantimusic.com

Website: www.Karamantimusic.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Karamanti
YouTube: www.youtube.com/KaramantiTV
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Karamantimusic
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Karamantimusic



Blakkwuman22 Music will be hosting the BLAKKOUT TOUR (Jamaica Edition) in April 2015. The tour will see various artists going across the island of Jamaica performing at different venues. BW22 artist Karamanti is confirmed for all the shows on this tour. Soul singer Asante Amen is also confirmed for all shows. More information will be coming as we continue to put the event together.

For those on facebook, the event page is https://www.facebook.com/events/1382937172001371/