2021 message from Karamanti

See below message from Karamanti – CEO & owner of Blakkwuman22 Music – regarding the new year.

As 2020 comes to an end, I think the consensus is that it’s been one of the most difficult year in more than a decade. We were all challenged spiritually, mentally, emotionally and of course physically. 

We must remember however, that though the calendar year has changed, the truth is no one knows what 2021 will bring. What I do know is that we all should be grateful that we are still here; and we should make a real effort to spend more time with our love-ones.

One of the things that has been re-enforced to me personally is the fact that life is not a dress-rehearsal. In other words; we should be using our time to do the things we genuinely enjoy and spending time with the people we sincerely care about. 

With that said, I have been in the studio working on new music for an album I intend to release this year. I am also sharing the download link to a brand new single called “Mi Nuh Bow,” that I’ve been sitting on for a few months. Keep in mind that this track will not be on the new album. 

In closing, I wish for you and yours a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.