Blakkwuman22 Music presents NuLinkz Riddim

NuLinkz Riddim is the latest dancehall compilation from Blakkwuman22 Music. The project, which is being tagged as trap-dancehall, has a total of five tracks, and features new music from Mikey Dangerous – the #1 dancehall artist in Quebec – Double Braine (more popularly known as Keron Williams), emerging Jamaican lyricist M.A.P, and label owner and producer Karamanti. Each artist met the moment as they delivered relatable lyrical content in their respective songs.

Mikey Dangerous – a committed Rastafarian – used the opportunity to salute all black “Freedom Fighters” dating back to the 50s and 60s; a time when Nelson Mandela was actively working to end apartheid in South Africa. As for M.A.P, he aggressively admonishes child molesters and pedophiles on his track “Beast Mode”; while Double Braine, who resides in Toronto, Canada, sang about the ever sliding “Currency.”

Karamanti has two songs on the NuLinkz Riddim. The first – “Kut Di Linkz” – was the inspiration for the entire EP. It was penned and voiced for another producer, but when that project fell through, she contracted beat-maker Miguel Martin to compose something that would fit the already recorded tune. Her second song is “Dawg Collah,” an unworldly track that highlights the fact that global societies have become blasphemous and unapologetically profane.

All songs on the NuLinkz Riddim were mixed and mastered by AudioTraxx Production (Old Harbor, Jamaica) with the exception of “Dawg Collah,” which was mixed by Tandra Jhagroo in Kingston. The NuLinkz Riddim is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and all other streaming platforms.

Download NuLinkz Riddim here